About the software


Trinc Soft is a software that can generate quite a buzz in the industry. The software is for any firm who wishes to make the process of storing and retrieving data a simple routine. An organisation that requires a lot of documentation to run a smooth business can opt for Trinc Soft.

Trinc Soft is a cloud based software that can store and accumulate your data in half the time of manual compilation. When the software can do what we humans can, then why not capitalise our time into fabricating superior outputs than to confine ourselves within the limits of physical files? Trinc Soft shrinks reduplication of work by making maximum utilisation of all resources thereby yielding competitive results amongst employees.

Not to forget, there is always a risk of leaving the physical files behind. Trinc Soft shall safeguard all your data as it is password protected. You are the master of your ideas, and no one can steal that glory from you if stored in the right place.

You are away from your office, and yet have some reports to look into. In such cases, going back to physical files is time-consuming. Trinc Soft allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world using your personal login and password.

You can store data, implement a series of operations on input data, generate output reports and preserve a database cycle with Trinc Soft. While it sounds like a task, the software shall make it as fast as batting an eyelid!

Save time, save space, save mental health by switching to Trinc Soft today!