Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Yes, Trinc Soft is a Cloud based Software that makes accessing data at any time and from anywhere easy.

It is for:

  • Storing Document / Files on Cloud
  • Use as Interface Software between Chartered Accountants and Clients
  • Use as Document Management Software
  • File Management Software for MSME Sector
  • Cloud based Documentation – easy to retrieve
  • Pinup Document Software – To prepare various set of documents
  • CA Office Software

Anyone who need to store and maintain documents for business or personal use for time to come.

More precisely it is for Medium & Small Business Entities, Professional firms e.g. Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Business Advisory firms, Advocates and any other service Practitioner

Yes! Trinc Soft frees your time from physical files and several other documents by offering the facility to generate a set of documents in one single file.

Absolutely! Trinc Soft works as an interface between your accounting software and external software that necessitate processing reports using an accounting data software.

Why not? The website contains a live demo of using the software that exposes all features of the software. That said, the team shall be happy to present a demo of using the software even after installation.

Trinc Soft works in the lines of artificial intelligence. It can hold data more than a human brain. It comes with an easy-access feature to reach sources and documents anytime in the future for drawing references.

To begin with, Trinc Soft moderates the manpower required for the maintenance of essential documents, it is space and time saving, dodges redoing similar work, holds database for future use and maintains smooth communication within the organisation.